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Alex Filatov

You might be a woman dealing with life transitions, relationship stress, or setting healthy boundaries. You've always put others first and find yourself wondering, "When will it be my turn? Is this all there is?" Maybe you're a couple experiencing communication issues and wondering where the magic went. Sound familiar? I offer a judgment-free zone where we can explore your emotions and your truth will be honored. There is no subject off limits and I will listen and help you get to the heart of the matter. I serve women over 21 and couples and my goal is to help you live your best lives now and reach your highest level of peace and contentment possible. I believe God has given us all things to enjoy, not all things to endure. I have openings available and can see clients in North Carolina and Virginia. All sessions are held virtually. Book online now: https://higherlevel.clientsecure.me/

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