Best Ways To Find A Christian Therapist And Counselor

Who is a Christian counselor and what do I look for in one?

A Chrisitian therapist is a licensed mental health professional who integrates Christian ideology into their treatment. Since all of the basic degree requirements are the same, this type of counselor and their treatment should be equivalent and equally effective to non-Christian counselors. The way they incorporate their faith into their practice typically align best with those who are Chrisitan and looking for a Chrisitan counselor. There have been a variety of studies that prove it is easier to open up to someone when you have similarities in basic identities, and religion is a great example.

What you should be looking for:

  • The counselor’s qualifications. What does he or she specialize in? How many years of training/experience does he or she have? What are his or her credentials?
  • Make sure that they are using the Bible to solve issues. Your counselor should thoroughly understand the Bible and its teachings, and be able to directly implement that in sessions.
  • Understand the difference between a pastor and a counselor. These are very different experience levels and pastors do not have the same training as counselors. While ministers and pastors are a great first resort for communication, counselors have much more expertise in mental health.
  • Call a Christian counselor and ask questions. Make sure that this is a person who believes in the same ideas as you. If your views do not align, this will not be a helpful relationship.
  • Make sure that this counselor communicates with love, empathy, trust, acceptance, and truth in a positive way. Christian counselors should be encouraging their clients to make positive changes in their lives and using the Bible as a means for that.

Where do I find a Christian counselor?

1. Contact a Church, University, or Seminary

These places are all great resources to see if they provide free or discounted counseling. If they do not, ask for a referral list of counselors in your area. It is easiest to go through the source here.

2. Ask Friends That You Trust Who They’d Recommend

Your friends are full of great recommendations, so let this be another one! If you know someone you trust is seeing a therapist, ask who they see. If you do not want to use the same counselor, they will be able to point you in the direction of someone else.

3. Ask Your Primary Care Physician or Your Children’s School Counselor

People in the health field are very well connected. They should be able to provide you with someone or a useful list of resources to begin your journey.

4. Check Your Insurance Company’s Website

This is a very common first step. You want to make sure that your insurance will cover the cost of your visits, so take a look at their network. Not only will this ensure coverage, but you will then be able to be referred to a specialist based on your individual needs.

5. Try Online Therapist Directories

One of the best and easiest ways to find therapy is online through a search engine like Mental Treat. Mental Treat platform allows you to use different filters including a filter selecting a Christian therapist.You can choose therapists by their specialization, therapy approach, issues they work with, insurance, and more. You will find therapists in your area who specialize and have experience in Christian counseling. Each therapist has their own profile with an about section where you can learn more about them and their practice. Find qualifications, specialties, treatment approach, client focus, issues, and financial information as well as contact information all on the Mental Treat page.

People register on our platform in order to be able to find the right specialist for them. We pride ourselves on being able to have all the tools for our users to succeed in finding the right match for them. We also provide mental health professionals with a place to expand their practice and build their own brand. Working with both sides of the mental health scope means better resources for clients and professionals. When it comes to finding the right therapist for you, the most important thing is finding someone you can trust and who makes you feel comfortable and supported. There are many ways to find a Christian therapist or counselor, and now they’re all at your disposal!

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